The town of Nicasio represents the traditions of America.

Welcome to Nicasio

Situated in the northwest region of Marin County, the town of Nicasio represents the traditions of America. Nicasio which means “the hidden one” was built in 1800 and has seen a lot of people during its shining years coming and going but only a few of them stayed to make a living. The pastoral town with a rural landscape still remains today much as it was 150 years ago.
Although small in size, Nicasio has a long history. The town started with pioneers, attracted from different parts of the region because of its agricultural perks. Quickly the town transformed into a key city and a hotel was constructed to welcome people coming from afar. Families would also come spend weekends in this pleasant and peaceful valley. In 1940, shortly before WWII, the hotel burned down and today Rancho Nicasio, one of the great restaurants in the town boasting a Michelin-starred chef serving local, organic produce, and widely known for its lawn barbecues and top-notch live music, was built on the same spot of the old hotel. Another “monument” of the town is the quaint old St Mary’s Church – an iconic landmark of the town – which stands next to Rancho Nicasio, the post office and the fire department.
With no stoplights and only a couple stop signs, farm land and green pastures reach as far as the eye can see, along with rolling hills spotted with horses and cattle grazing. Nicasio is known for and proud of its sustainable and organic agriculture, and horse stables are plenty in Nicasio offering boarding, riding, and lessons.
The town is a popular stop for cyclists riding the back roads of the North Bay as well, where they stop at the general store for cold drinks and a healthy snack.
With a population of less than one hundred, residents are active in preserving the ambiance of the community, even purchasing the Nicasio Town Square along with the County of Marin. The Nicasio Land Preserve was created to purchase additional preservation land.
Tranquil is the best word to describe Nicasio; you will find here the quiet charm of an old American town.
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